We Create Conversation Pieces!



Accessory Series

Magazine Racks

Ice Bucket/Waste Papaer Basket Boy

Six Horse Wall Sculpture

Three Horse Sculpture

Christopher Royal Wall Panels

Newman Elephant - 16"

Newman Elephant - 36"

Newman Giraffe - 24"

"Checkmate" Chess/Backgammon Set

Chef Cookbook Holder/Paper Towel Rack

Chef Wall Utensil Rack

"Hug" Wall Magazine Rack

"Handy" Wall Magazine Rack

 6 Inch Ledge People

 Ledge People - 6"


  Ledge People - 19"

Christopher Royal Magazine Racks

Dan Crowley Pendulum Clocks

 40 Inch Ledge Girl

 Ledge People - 40"

Zorich Faces

Ivy and Gio - Card, Glasses, etc. Holders

Picto Vertical Wine Rack

Double Picto Vertical Wine Rack

Candle Holders

Bailey Kiss Sculptures

Rocking Wine Bottle Holders


Christopher Royal Fruit Stands

Lips Bowl


 Kiss Table Sculpture - Small (15" High)


 Kiss Table Sculpture - Large (32" High)

Flower Girl - Large

Flower Girl - Small

"I Give You My Heart" Sculpture



 African Masks - Aluminum

NOW Clock

Pipe People

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