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Biography of Louise Matlock

Even as a teenager, Louise Matlock threw her considerable energies into various forms of creative arts, mainly oils, interior design and decorating - even some acting. Although she enjoyed these explorations, none of them provided that special appeal that was truly satisfying.
After sampling climates from Ohio to Manhattan to the Virgin Islands, she settled in Melbourne, Florida, a surprisingly "arty" area. And so, one unforgettable day, she was introduced to sculpture. This was for her, love at first sight. This was what she had been looking for - for a long time.
She set about to learn from those sculptors she'd been admiring: Fritz van Eeden, Ellen Pavlokos, Burt van Scoy, Bob Coon, Yvonne Weinstein and Stephanie de Barney. Louise taught clay sculpture at the Brevard Art Center and Museum, and tutuored her more promising students. Her works have been displayed at museums and galleries, and she has won awards, including "Best of Show."
Her most exhilarating artistic experience is what she now lives each day... thanks to her recent association with Rockledge Design Studios. It has changed her perception of art. Her earlier sculptures were serious, often intense explorations of social issues. Now she finds great satisfaction in a quite different style which she calls "fun" art. These days, most of her graceful designs are an amalgam of art and function, and she is encouraged by the public's enthusiasm for her work.
Louis credits her mentor, Fred Garbotz, founder of the Studios, with being a master of combining artistry and whimsy and function, and for bringing her actively into the Studios - a whole new world for Louise.
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